Hardy Grilling

Those who truly know me know that there is no day too nasty to make me NOT agree to grill something.

In fact, I have a little new year's eve tradition of grilling a honkin' Porterhouse, with all the fixins after the kiddies have eaten their din-din.

Nothin better than a nice hot steak, all the fixins, bottle of good wine, and kids doin' their own thing. Elsewhere.

I'm just sayin.

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for what it's worth said...

Unless it's a steak with all the fixin's, a diet coke, a visit from some northern visitors and kids off doin something else somewhere.
I am anxiously awaiting my steak dinner the night before my surgery. I figure it's going to all but kill me to eat it...but I'll be unconscious the next day so who cares...and it will be another 18 months until I can eat it again.