Some Friday randomness:

1. Never Kiss A Monkey. Just sayin - you make the call.

2. Why dogs bite people - again.

3. It's no secret that I'm an architecture GEEK. One of the interesting places I get my geek on is on the TV and at movies - okay two places. Shut up and listen. Read, I mean.

I wrote a while ago about the TV set for last year's version of "24". In particular, the set that was meant to be the presidential retreat in California. It was a MAGNIFICENT representation of Mid Century Modern. (yes, I'm too lazy to go link up the post. Again, shut up. Do a search for "architecture" on this blog page, and you'll find it, along with a few other gems.) The set and its designer got a fair amount of press in design circles for the work, and it was well-deserved.

And one can hardly argue with the house in the Harrison Ford movie, "Firewall".

The house in "The House of Sand and Fog" was pretty nice as well.

There are MANY others also. And if you like the very contemporary, cold lines of gray cement, look no further than Michael Keaton in "White Noise". Or, if you prefer, the newly remodeled digs of the infamous Florida plastic surgeon Christian Troy on Nip/Tuck. I like the other house better, Sean McNamara's, that is, although we never really see much of it. Their offices are decorated in lovely Mid Century Modern furniture as well, Pavilion chairs, etc. Lots of Art Glass as well.

One of the most recent sightings of Frank Lloyd Wright can be found in the lovely Prairie style home of the mayor in the new TV series Jericho. It's an OBVIOUS hat-tip to those who appreciate that style, complete with an art-glass wall decoration above the fireplace that appears in the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust catalog.

A nice send-up to architecture nerds like me all over the place.

Have you noticed any others? Or am I the only dork out there? (Rhetorical, thanks.)

So there's the round-up for today. Ha' Det Godt!!

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