Blue Men in Red State

We went to the Blue Man Group concert last night - fun times had by all... crappy telephone picture captures all, and at the same time, nothing.

We sat next to an older dude and his wife, who had the requisite yellow squishy ear plugs in even before the show started.

For those who care, Blue Man has been around for a long time - I first read about them when they were a local theater phenomenon in, I think, Chicago. Their show was a lot more "variety" oriented then, as opposed to the drumming fun that it is today. They did a lot with paint blown from the mouth, and liquids of other types as well... much of the audience went home wet. Very much the visual arts show indeed... this was in about 1992-93... since then they have become more of a franchise commodity, with a permanent show in Las Vegas, along with touring shows as well. Interestingly, the audition process to get on the show has a lot to do with body type and head shape. I wouldn't make it on either of those limitations - I am my own Blue Man Group. Fans of the (now cancelled) TV show Arrested Development will get a chuckle out of the very mention of Blue Men...

Anyway, it was a LOT of fun. One lady went home with a Chinese take-out box full of about 30 "used" marshmallows as a reward for agreeing to have her credit card charged with $4000 to purchase the home study course of "How to be a rock Mega-Star."

Thanks to ThatOneWife for getting the tickets for our birthdays...


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