Weekend football

Not sure which is funner: watching football with a bunch of almost drunk people, or watching the almost drunk people watching football.

Since the Mountain West Conference is STUPIDLY putting their games on the new MTN network, which is STUPIDLY only available on (ACKK!) Comcast, it seems the only place we "others" can watch football is at a local purveyor of adult beverages, which is frankly fine with me. (and I'm sure the purveyors of said beverage aren't complaining either - maybe there's something to this conspiracy...)

The upside is that most places that either sell or brew local beers also make a good beer-battered fish and chips entree... which I dig.

It was slightly humorous to watch people show up at game-time, being disappointed that they couldn't get in, or, if they did, there was only room to stand by the bar. Come on, people, plan ahead. We're NOT talking about the BYU game here.

I'm just sayin'.

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sarahbellum said...

ha ha...love it! again.