The only boss I've ever had.....

for whom I still have a modicum of respect.

I didn't like him much then, but I was young and dumb. Now I have grown to have a fondness for him that I didn't have then. He was a task-master when I was a marketing staff member for him, about 11 years ago now. But he taught me a lot about what was inside of me. He once called me a Persona non grata, which offended me greatly then, but it woke me up to what it means to work hard and have a passion and accountability for what you do. He didn't know I could hear him when he said that, and I've never forgotten that day, but in a good way.

After that time, he graciously took me with him on a trip to play golf and have dinner with a buddy of his in California, which I remember vividly and fondly to this day. The meal was awesome, and I was struck that the home at which we ate had its own underground wine cellar stocked with HUNDREDS of bottles, much of which was very expensive. He had (has) a passion for his work that I now know and value. Thanks Lynn Martin!!

The picture behind him with the red stripe was originally an ad - one I designed. Yay for me.

He is good people.

Read about him here.

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Diana Joy said...

Hey Dude!!
I just found your note:) LOL You better get on it!!! hahaha
I have already been tagged again!
BTW Interesting blog. I added you to my link and now I will know how to check up on you and see if you have answered the questions! No...it's okay..you don't have to play:) I'll let you off this time:)
Let's chat soon:)
Diana Joy