All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go

I don't know about you, but I break out the 1987 Reebok hi tops with the GREAT BIG foamy tongue, the hoody with the big oil stain on the belly and holes in the elbows. My outfit is topped off with black denim jeans with holes in the knees, and ripped pockets. A smelly old ball cap keeps my mullet under control.


sarahbellum said...

i'm afraid--very, very afraid!

That One Guy said...

as well you should be, Bellum, as well you should.

for what it's worth said...

Ah and up here we don the spandex pants... and oversize shirt, back comb the hair ( Utah style), find the dollar-store runners and go...ewwwww . That's why I like shopping at the Bay...a higher class pod scum