The fifth season: Politics

It falls right between summer and fall. But not every year. Kind of like the leap year thing. Although I wish it were possible to leap year OVER the season called politik, most of the time. I detest the ads, I detest the slander and anger-mongering that comes with every one of those seasons, every time it comes around.

Anyway, as this season is now upon us, and both parts of the House are now back in session, which is actually a joke - because all that happens between now and November is that the "House" is used as a political microphone and grandstand for the three days a week there are actually a full slate of legislators in attendance.

For instance.

We now have Orrin Reddenbacher taking credit for killing the spent nuclear waste storage facility in Utah. But the problem is that Perma-Hatch hasn't been on the forefront of opposition on this item, but he's perfectly fine with standing up and taking credit for it, maybe prematurely. The support group for the plan has yet to study the ruling and decide on a plan of further action. But it's all about getting in front of a microphone and taking credit on your own behalf. I'm ashamed.

Think about it - what legislators do you think about when you think about the Goshute Indian Reservation? I don't think Hatch is on the list.

More and more I have a very fundamental problem with Hatch. I wonder how many Utahans could come up with a half-way intelligent answer to the question, "what has Hatch done for YOU in the last 25 years - how is YOUR personal life better as a result of sending him to Washington?"

Are you proud of him, is he the picture of what represents you? REALLY? Does his true record warrant a re-up?

Politicians, in general, count on the fact that voters seem to have the intellect of a potato(e), and the memory of a moth. Won't SOMEBODY PLEASE disprove this theory???

I'm just sayin'.

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Reach Upward said...

But, golly, he sports some pretty nifty ribbons for various causes on his suit lapel. Doesn't that count for something?