September 19th: International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Avast, maties.

There. I did it. I talked like a pirate. You should too. It's the day.

Talk Like a Pirate Day

This crazy chick probably takes it a bit too far. That link comes with an R-Rated warning label, ye blokes. She's a pirate 24/7 365. A little freaky, really.

Which brings up the idea of that old urban legend: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. This is a take on the scientific idea that within an expanded set of six acquaintances, we all know everyone. Which sounds quaint and lovely. We can be linked to Kevin Bacon. Or in my case, Jennifer Love-Hewitt. Which works for me. Nice.

However, we are also (allegedly) all connected to something else. Most likely someone with whom we wouldn't like to be within six degrees of longitude, like a mafia boss, or someone in AlQaida.

So why did I think of this in conjunction with Pirate Day? It's because of this: I have about 49 different blogs that push RSS feeds out to my email box. That means I get every post in my email box once a day. (It's the easiest way to NOT spend an entire day surfing and reading, surfing and reading....) There are professional things there, things by friends, relatives, hobby things, Political things... lots of stuff. On almost every one of those home pages, mine included (although mine's a little skimpy), there are links to other blogs.

Therefore, I wonder, does the six degrees of separation also pertain to blogs? Within six blogs, are we all related in some way. Maybe not with actual links on the page, but just having read them... have we surfed to six degrees of bloggage?

Oh, and here's a message for the person I know, who knows Jennifer: "Have her call me... "


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