The Wayne Gretzky Story



A few days ago I asked a friend of mine who still lives in Edmonton about this whole Gretzky thing. I wondered if he had heard about it at all. Well, duh, was basically the reply. It has been the front page story every day since the whole thing broke open. We visited back a forth a bit, and I wondered what the impact would be to the hockey team. He wondered if he would bow out and let the team go over and do their thing without the distraction, since he’s not actually the coach, just the general manager. They are, after all, defending the gold medal. Well, it seems he has shown up with the team in Turin, ready to go, with the little wife in tow, although reports say that he looks tired and drawn from the whole ordeal.

Seems like there’s a movie script there somewhere, just waiting to be written.

More later.

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