Gretzky's Good News

ESPN is reporting that neither The Great One nor his wife will be likely to face charges with respect to the gambling ring in which Rick Tocchet will undoubtedly be indicted. Tocchet is an assistant coach under Gretzky for the Phoenix Coyotes.

"He is not a person of interest," Fujikawa (Gretzky's lawyer) said Thursday. "We have received no indication he is somebody who will be called before a grand jury. We have received assurances that he is at most a fact witness."

Jones' (Janet Jones - Gretzky's wife) lawyer, Evan A. Jenness, said she expected Jones to be subpoenaed to testify in the case. She said no documents had been served as of Thursday.
"I've been told she's just a witness," Jenness said Thursday. "I'm quite confident that's the case."

So, that's good news for the both of them. I probably wouldn't have posted much about this at this point here, but the story I read yesterday had the picture of the two of them from the day they were married, just coming out of the Church in Edmonton. It brought back a bunch of fun memories for me.

I was telling Val last night that this wedding was about as big a deal there as when Diana married Prince Charles a few years ealier. They were the Royal couple for everyone in Edmonton.

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