Coretta Scott King, etc.

I've been thinking what I might write about the legacy of this brave American Hero. She wore her grief with a dignity to which we all should aspire. I got to wondering what she had spent her last decades on, and wondered if there were other causes she felt strongly enough to take up.

Upon some research, it seems she stayed within the "equality for all" realm. She made several statements of support for the Gay-rights movement, in particular the Gay Marriage ammendments that went throughout or last national election cycle. (She opposed those ammendments.) She called it a parallel cause to the one her husband was so passionate about, and the one that ultimatley took his life so tragically.

One therefore asks the question, "who will now step into the path that was so gracefully followed by Ms. King?"

It seems in recent years that the "cause" of equality, at least in terms of race equality, has been championed by people like Jesse Jackson, who is a BUFFOON, and other similar people (Sharpton?) who like to hear the sound of their own voice, but really don't make any real impact at the end of the day, except to ruffle feathers on all sides of any argument every time they open their mouths. The people who are poised to stand in that position seem to need lessons on how real political and social change is managed.

One should hope that however that void is filled, it would be filled by a person who has the diplomacy the causes of equality deserve.

Time will tell.

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