Bikers Support Families at Soldiers' Funerals

Earlier in my little blog here, I mentioned that there is a group of fools who think they should feel good about verbally flogging the families of soldiers killed in action because they think dying soldiers are God's punishment for a country that harbors gay people. While my thoughts on this group of MORONS is pretty clear, I'm not here to beat that dead horse again. Except for one thing: while I was on my way to the Maynard Ferguson concert a couple of weeks ago, I heard a report on NPR that talked about another group, bikers, who ride to these funerals for the express purpose of drowning out these protestors with their bikes. Then a buddy of mine reminded me about this story and sent me a link on it this morning. Following are a couple of excerpts from that article. The link to the article is here : http://www.newsmax.com/archives/ic/2006/2/21/93622.shtml?s=ic


Wearing vests covered in military patches, a band of motorcyclists rolls
around the country from one soldier's funeral to another, cheering respectfully
to overshadow jeers from church protesters.

They call themselves the Patriot Guard
Riders, and they are more than 5,000 strong, forming to counter anti-gay
protests held by the Rev. Fred Phelps at military funerals.

Phelps believes American deaths in
Iraq are divine punishment for a country that he says harbors homosexuals. His
protesters carry signs thanking God for so-called IEDs - explosives that are a
major killer of soldiers in Iraq.


It's interesting to me how many people around here believe that they have the ear of God on so many issues here. In reality, it is a crutch used by idiots who think they somehow have the ability to speak for God on issues they care about. Weak-minded folks, they are.


"The most important thing we can do
is let families know that the nation cares," said Don Woodrick, the group's
Kentucky captain. "When a total stranger gets on a motorcycle in the middle of
winter and drives 300 miles to hold a flag, that makes a powerful


Read the whole article - you may agree with my "Morons Of The Month Award."

Actually, there is an interesting conversation to be had here regarding Free Speech, a topic that has been in the news lately. It seems the concept is alive and well, and its operation here in this case seems to work. If a protestor feels the need to make a statement about the fitness of this country's policies regarding equal rights for al citizens, another group can certainly make a statement regading its positions as well. Too bad the venue is such a difficult and raw situation for the families impacted the most. Bummer.

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