Coretta Scott King Memorial Service

I listened to excerpts of this service this afternoon. I was impressed by much of the comments, in particular a couple of things said by Maya Angelou. She said Ms. King was born a CornFlower and turned into a Steel Magnolia... she also noted that as the two of them often chatted (Ms. Angelou's birthday is the same day that MLK's assasination took place), they often had conversations revolving around the idea that equality for all is not an either/or scenario, but rather a everyone/all the time scenario.

How true.

Earlier I wrote that I wondered who would step into the vast void left by her passing. It occurs to me through several of the comments from that service that each and every person who cares about people, family, children, humanity, has a responsibility to improve the world FOR OTHERS each and every day. If there were more people doing this everywhere, this would be a whole lot better place FOR EVERYONE.

There - /dismount soap box/

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