Cut and Paste Plagiarism

I heard a funny story on the radio at lunch today: a high school English teacher took her work home for the weekend, and she noticed, through some research, that one of her students had done a little "cut and paste" plagiarism on a paper that was submitted to her for grading.

She went to class on Monday, and told the class that she had found a paper that was full of purloined passages. She told everyone to spend the next ten minutes writing three paragraphs about what they did over the weekend, except that the person who had plagiarised was to write her an apology for doing what he/she did, and promise not to do it again.

To her surprise, she got a sheaf of responses regarding what her students had done over the weekend, along with FOUR apologies for plagiarism. She met with the four students individually, helped them understand what they had done, and didn't embarrass them publicly, but got them back on track in school.

That made me laugh out loud.

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