Gretzky's Future With Hockey-Canada In Doubt

I read in a couple of places this morning how distraught The Great One is over having been summarily dismissed from the olympic hockey tournament. You know, all you can say is, "you win some and you don't."

They lost, the US team lost, it's just what it is. The world of hockey has more parity among countries than ever before, and, for better or worse, it offers a better tournament in teh long run. Team Russia has a BUNCH of players that play in teh NHL. That hasn't always been the case. I remember when the first two russian players started playing in the NHL. It was a very big deal. Same with the first few Finnish players, Jari Kuri, and Esa Tikkanen. I think there were probably a couple before them. It was a big deal, but it isn't any more.

So, boo-hoo, North American hockey is no longer the defacto dominant hockey power it once was.


Canuckster said...

Sure miss the days of Wayne being on the Oilers... I kinda lost the zing for hockey after he immigrated to USA.

That One Guy said...

I hear you there... it just wasn't the same. The franchise was sold with him.