A thumbing of the nose to modern architecture:

I'm pretty sure this is the most interesting thing I've seen squirt across my computer screen in some time:

You all remember who Pierre Cardin is - perhaps the first fashion designer to sell his name into the mainstream consumer marketplace. This was in the late 70's and into the 80's. You probably had a tie or shoes or even a suit designed by Pierre Cardin, and you probably bought it at JC Penney's or whatever...

Anyway, he saw the vision for himself, got the exposure, and sold an astronomical amount of merchandise. What to do with so much money? He bought a place in southern France for 50 Million French Francs in 1989.

Would you like to see it?

First, here is the money quote teaser from the design firm:
The Lovag habitation wants to ignore aesthetics towards passers-by as it is exclusively conceived for the use of the inhabitant and his guests.
Maybe that gives you the clue that this is something out of the ordinary. And you would be right.

Le Palais Bulles - "the Palace of Bubbles"

Here are some pictures: (there are more at the link above...)


for what it's worth said...

While it is intriguing to look at, I am one of those people who needs a corner. I like the fact that in my home there are no square rooms- every room has at least one angle, but I still need my corners.
The swirl effect reminds me of the style of Douglas Cardinal. ( Check St. Alberta city hall) Most of his designs incorporate rounded walls/faces

ThatOneWife said...

This looks like a Hobbit House to me!

4 - I don't have any square rooms in my house either... the problem is that I'm pretty sure that it wasn't designed that way! :)