Do-Not-Hire list at BYU

NPR is reporting this morning that the petition signed by approximately 1000 graduating seniors at BYU in opposition of Dick Cheney's appearance at the commencement ceremony is now being circulated among businesses in Provo, where the campus is located, as a Do-Not-Hire list.

Which is why I'm no longer a member of that church.

Your hypocrisy is unbecoming, people, and it goes against the things you have been taught ever since you were sitting on those cold metal chairs.

Oh, but that's SUNDAY learnin', not Monday learnin'.

If I had that list passed across my desk, it would be my Hire-First list.

When we sent ThatOnePrincessDaughter away to school last August, our advice to her was to find something beyond herself, beyond her little circle to care about, to make a difference, to find out why things are the way they are, and to find a way to make a difference beyond the "does my ass look okay in these jeans" mentality.

Sounds like others could use that advice too.


Jesse Harris said...

I've gotta wonder who decided that didn't breach the standards of decent conduct and good taste. If anyone circulated such a thing to me, I'd probably give them a solid upbraiding.

sarahbellum said...

wow! i don't know what else to say.

Allie said...

My Father-in-law told us a story about a group of people who lived near him. A new church house was being built, and when it was finished, the wards that got moved into it were from a less-affluent part of town. A group of church goers from the more-affluent part of town sent a "petition" to salt lake complaining that they should be able to attend church at the new "nicer" building (there may have been something about how they paid more money in tithing in there too...).

The brethren in salt lake sent a letter back to the stake president telling him to take the temple recommends from everyone who signed the petition until they repented.

There are people in the church who do extremely stupid things, unfortunately in Utah there seem to be lots of them.

Thankfully there are also lots of really good, honest, hardworking people who know how to use the good brains that their Heavenly Father gave them.

Go "BYU 25"! I don't imagine any of them will have a hard time finding a job.

OneHungMan said...

Who is Dick Cheney?