And while we're on the subject of Famous People's houses:

This set of pics gets circulated about once or twice per year, noting that it is Tiger Woods' house in Florida. I have my doubts, but it is beautiful, if you like that style.

For the record, Woods recently bought a place (lot) up in Jackson Hole Wyoming, and most recently bought a place near Arnold Palmer in Florida - in the most expensive zip code in the US. The house on the property there will be torn down, and rebuilt, while Tiger, his wife, and soon-to-arrive child live in one of the two guest houses that will remain on the property.

Oh, and he has a foundation to run, and golf to play.

Anyway, here are the pictures, small, so click on them if you want to see them full size:

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OneHungMan said...

Saw those pictures last year, but don't recall them being from Florida. OneHung doesn't recall them even being from the states, but he doubts the person who forwarded them to him had any idea where it really is.