I'm made of cashmere...

So I have a sweater I wore a little while ago..(not a scarf, like the picture). It's made of part cashmere, and it's really soft. Cashmere is basically goat down hairs, and to qualify as cashmere, the fibers/hairs must meet certain criteria in terms of length (3 cm, I believe...) and breadth.

The sweater is light brown, and has the cashmere fibers from very light to a medium brown. Anyway, I was looking down at my chest, and saw all these fibers poking out of the sweater. Oddly, I thought, that looks a lot like my chest WITHOUT a shirt on... Just not that soft.

Just sayin'.


Cameron said...

I'm sure everyone appreciates the use of the scarf as an example, rather than the actual sweater with goat-like chest hair.

Just sayin'

Anonymous said...

I personally like angora more than cashmere.....especially with the mental picture I now have.
( Where the hell did those genetics come from?????)