I actually used that term (properly) in a dream last night.

You know, I started this blog a little more than a year ago as an outlet for me to practice a more casual writing style, and to express some of my thoughts and ideas about life and things in the process. About 445 posts later, here we are.

I have worked as a technical writer before, and while many writer-types believe that is the harder of the two types of writing (casual vs technical), I find it much easier to write in a very technical, proper manner. Here in the US, the style guide usually adhered to is the AP Style Guide ("Punctuation in skilled hands is a remarkably subtle system of signals, signs, symbols and winks that keep readers on the smoothest road..."). I wasn't trained in that style though, and from time to time, I've found it a bit cumbersome. I was trained with the APA Style Guide - The American Psychological Association. It's a more technical, "proper" guide to writing and publishing. For me, the most noticeable differences between these two guides are in the use of commas, and quotation marks.

I've written user manuals, web help files, etc, for both complicated software and hardware applications, and it's easy for me. I could do it in my sleep. Perhaps it's because I have done more of it.

Which is why I am here, just trying to find a casual voice, have a couple of chuckles, and if you're entertained along the way, well, that's a bonus for you and me both.

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