Saturday's Newspaper

I almost never post on Saturday, but there were a few things in this morning's paper that I thougth I'd comment on:

First: Big story running on the front page under the headline "Fear of the Unknown: The other side of crackdown"

Generally, the story is about employers who now see raids as a very real possibility, and wondering if more will get down ot the business of making sure documentation for all employees is proper before hiring them. The other side of the story is about the illegals who are now afriad to go to work, and have stayed home since Wednesday. Now they're all worried... well, HELLLLOOOO? You SHOULD be afraid if you are here illegally. In actuality the fact that illegals are only now becoming afraid is not a slam on them by any means, but more a slam on the weak enforcement of a complicated spider-web of laws in this country. ICE officals are now stating a renewed effort to enfore laws that have been on the books for several years, without any teeth. I guess we'll see how that goes.

In other news, The Minutemen have stated that if the government doesn't build a fence around the southern part of the US border states, THEY WILL, through free enterprise and donated materials and labor. They've given the White House a deadline of May 25th before they start to build it on their own.

And this just in, Area Man "Weeping Larry" gave his speech at the University of Utah yesterday, and "if you read between the lines", feels like he made a mistake pulling Brokeback Mountain from his theaters. It seems he didn't know gay people are humans too. People who were not hapy about his being asked to speak wore cowboy hats and paid shirts in protest. One of "them", said Mr. Miller probably doesn't know many gay people and probably didn't realize the impact of his decision. "It's so easy to hate people because of a stereotype, but at the end of the day, you realize everyone is human." (and, might I add, "deserves to be treated with respect.")


Can I have an "AMEN..." !!!

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