"McMansions" in the news again

A while ago I posted ideas and news commentary here about the proliferation of the all-American McMansion, or starter castle, Hummer Home, etc. The Avenues area of Salt Lake put a moritorium on housing projects in that area because neighbors were putting up a hue and cry about diluting the character of their community, etc. Now the issue is coming to the national spotlight.


Seems these massive behemoths are sprouting up to the displeasure of many communities nationwide.

In My previous post (
http://meaningless-blather.blogspot.com/2006/01/supersize-my-house-how-mcmansions-go.html ) I noted that the biggest reason for people doing this is to show outwardly to all who drive by how wonderful they are and how much money they can spend on a house. Gimme a break. Is there any more outward manifestation of the greed and conspicuous consumption that is so prevalent in this nation?

Anyway, don't get me started on that one. Again.

So, over this last weekend we went to a movie, and decided to check out a new place for us to eat. We pulled City Weekly's "best-of" listings and found a place called "Q4U" it was nto far from where we were going to the movie, so decided to go there. As City weekly notes, it is truly a hole in the wall place, but it was VERY good, recommended.

We saw Lucky Number Slevin. I thought it was a modestly smart movie, especially campared to what hollywood is making for the mass-market these days. Nice to actually THINK at a movie. A couple of other thinkers we've seen recently: V For Vendetta - that was a pretty good movie as well, and Inside Job - although it was a remake of an older story, it was a pretty good movie with some twists to it a la Ocean's 11.

In other news, we finally were able to get the pond in the yard uncovered and running from it's winter dormancy. Nice to report that we had no piscine fatalities this time around.

The doggies like it when we get it all uncovered. This picture is from when we barely had it finished. Now there are plants grown in around the pond, and things are finally starting to take shape.

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