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Since my family is tired of hearing me rant and rave, and seeing the steam come out my ears about this issue, I'll post it here.

A couple of easy sentences: If you came here under illegal pretenses, you are not here under the law. You have only the basic human rights, therefore. And since you are here illegally, you should EXPECT to be removed from this country under the law. Period. You have a family here? A job? Too bad so sad.

Why do you think you should come here illegally and then PROTEST in the streets for your "rights", all the while waving the MEXICAN FLAG??? At least, if you want to BE Americans, wave the AMERICAN flag. If you want to wave the MEXICAN flag, I know a place where you can do that. And don't send your 14 year old junior high students to do your dirty work in the streets and on our school grounds - they don't even know the issues. You have taught them to think that by virtue of your very presence here, and that presence only, you are somehow entitled to citizenship, or some other form of legal status.

The problem is not that you want to BE Americans, you simply want what Americans HAVE.

You are welcome here when you have gone through the process legally. Until then, go back to where you came from. No matter where that is.

There, that's the end of my ranting on this matter. The House of Representatives had it right, and the Senate caved in on the issue because they all have to get re-elected this year. Once again, the continuing amnesty will go on status-quo. The invasion is almost complete, without a defense even having been mounted or a shot fired in our defense. But the "war in Iraq" (read: "the personal vendetta for oil") is going great.

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Reach Upward said...

There is also a notion promoted that the protests are simply home-grown. This is not true. There are groups out there promoting and financing these protests. See here for one theory.

It seems obvious that these major protests are going to foment some kind of backlash. Some idologies have something to gain from such a display of class warfare.