Salt Lake Tribune - front page article

Lots of heavy stuff in this morning's paper. The item that jumped off the page at me was that the Church here has signed a petition supporting an ammendment to the US Constitution defining marriage as between one woman and one man only.

Note that my comments come from a MASSIVELY pessimistic view of the Church's stand on this issue, as well as the thought that the country's political system is being overrun by the highly powerful and overfunded Christian Right movement, to which the Church now apparently subscribes.

Pretty interesting for an origanization that has claimed to be apolitical in general nature. The group sponsoring the ammendment has produced a series of what they call "pew inserts" supporting the views. My question is this: How long will this continue, all the while allowing these VERY political groups to maintain a tax-exempt status?

Just a thought. There are more coming, but that's the thought for the moment.

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