Lunch With Senator Bob

Had the delightful opportunity to go to a luncheon with Sen. Bob Bennett on Friday, sponsored by the Utah Mortgage Lenders Association. The thing was at Gardner Village. They served Hockey-puck rolls with a do-it-yourself squeeze bottle mayo and mustard with dry turkey and beef, with plain chips and red punch. I broke a tooth. And that, friends, was the highlight of the afternoon.

After enduring a lengthy explanation of industrial-age economics, and the like, the good Senator finally got around to talking about only slightly more relevant points. At best it was non-descript, and at worst, a blaring example of the type of disconnect our Senators, both Bennett, and “Utah’s Senator from Pennsylvania, Orrin Hatch”, have with their state, and the concerns that actually impact us on a daily basis.

There was generally nothing to even write about, until it came around time for the little question period. Following are some DIRECT quotes I wrote down as they were uttered from the lecturn:

1. “There was no recession in the first part of this decade.”
2. “Oil companies don’t price-gouge.”
3. “Walmart has a positive impact on the economy, both locally, and nationally. They should be granted their petition to open an ILC banking division located here in Utah. Their workers have benefits, they are good neighbors and citizens, the treat their people well, and they make a living wage.” He’s obviously Walmart’s water-carrier.
4. "If your job is a commodity only, requiring no real expertise, it will be lost overseas, and that is okay.” (apparently all who are in this position need to find other gainful employment.

And finally, the number one stupid comment of the week, earning Sen. Bob the MORON OF THE WEEK AWARD:

5. “It’s not yet clear that the war in IRAQ is failing or has failed at this point in time.”

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