People who right bad

I often find it totally baffling how bad writing gets into print. Makes one wonder about the education systems in this country. Some examples - I keep a file of these, and will post them periodically as I get enough to post a few at a time:

All occupants of the vehicle unfortunately lost there lives.

Looking for 3-4 agents that want to explode there sales by joint venturing.

Why else would we be hear.

“Free pair of Thorol socks with purchase.” (Should be Thorlo – I’m sure they’re thrilled.)

“Like the now merging phone companies of AT&T & Bell South, their trying to compete with cable and also want to cross sell….” Reported on MSNMoney.com

Woods traveled cross country Tuesday to check on his on his father, Earl Woods, who has been battling cancer in Cypress – MSNBC.com

One of Utah's smallest counties, but home to the it's second biggest touristdraw, Ashdown addressed how the Federal Government has ignored rural considerations but could do so much so easily. – Pete Ashdown For Senate press release Apr 3 2006.


brett said...

Sorry, I screwed up when I was writing the Pete Ashdown press release. I could do so much more easily next time. Thanks for pointing that out; we'll fix it on line.

That One Guy said...

Brett, I know press releases are sometimes hurried... I didn't mean to jump on you about it... I just collect these things - an odd obsession of mine... I write this here to let others know that PRs are an interesting thing - you need to be timely, and meet some nasty deadlines sometimes. Been there, done that. I'll keep watching for the next press releases and other information on the campaign site. (sight? just kidding..:)...)