KBYU advertising

So, I was watching KBYU the other night (LATE), and, to my surprise, noted that between programs, KBYU announced that, among other "underwriting sponsors" ("advertisers" in the "for profit" world), "the program you just watched was sponsored by the Freemasons of Utah, and the Masonic Temple of Utah." As the announcer said this, the "compass over square" symbol was taking up the entire screen.

Needless to say, I was startled for sure.

Most members of the LDS Church will be familiar with most of these symbols. Chuch detractors have maintained for MANY years that early LDS rituals were lifted directly from Masonic practices. Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, along with MANY other early church leaders and members, were also Freemasons.

Thus my utter shock and dismay that KBYU is accepting ad dollars from them. I can't, for the life me, however, remember what program I was watching.


That One Guy said...

Now I remember, it was NOVA.

That One Guy said...

And, I should explain for those who need it, KBYU is the public broadcasting station owned and operated by BYU, which, in turn, is owned and operated by the LDS church itself.