Two things:

One random thought before the meat of this post:

The Lakers/Nuggets series features players who carry more ink than a newspaper. Just sayin.

Now, onto the real thing:

For several months now we have been on a mini quest to find a new Living Room couch and chair set. We've looked at places like the usual catalog suspects - Pottery Barn, Hive, NY Loft, et al. We've also been to Ikea nd sat on everything they have there. A few weeks ago we went on a little getaway to southern Utah, northern Nevada, and while there we decided to make the extra hour trip to see the new EQ3 store recently opened there. And it is awesome, by the way. It's nestled in a shopping community full of other neat-o stores. Worth the time to check it out. And the airplanes coming in to land just a few feet overhead is pretty cool too.

Anyway, we staill search, but today in my news feed there was a post on a site I subscribe to that may have just answered the quest. I give you - the Coffin Couch:

And while we're on the subject, that site is showing a LOVELY TUB on the front page right now.

Along with the new couch/chair deal, we've been planning a deck addition to the backyard. And what good is a deck without the hot tub to go ON it, I ask? So, we've also been making those rounds. Buying a hot tub is the same thing as buying a used car. It sucks.

But we're slowly narrowing it down.

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Becky..AMHW said...

I want tub.

I only kinda want the couch.

No, I want the couch too.