Forgot one thing:

Okay, so there was one thing I was going to stick in the last post but forgot:

This morning I was stumbling from the bed to the bathroom to do my "thing"... and after doing so, stepped on the scale. It read 221.6. I was pretty excited. You'll remember that I have been STALLED at just above 222 for a long time. I was so excited I scrambled the jets to look for the camera, but it was nowhere to be found. I thought it was in the kitchen, but it wasn't. I thought for a bit and figured it might be in my computer bag, but that was unfortunately in the garage, in the back of my car. I wasn't about to run out there, nuck-baked, to get it.

So, picture of scale = FAIL.

Probably a good thing though, since I probably would have ended up taking a picture of something I shouldn't.

Next goal along the way: 215. On my way to 205. We'll see how I feel when I get there.

At this rate, I'll be back in that stars n stripes thong in no time.

umm... sorry. And I'll spare you the picture. You're welcome.

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