Some design related stuff for you; a 1956 Modern in Houston

Here are a few pictures of some inspired modern interior design for you to drool over as I have already:
I thoroughly dig the framed old brick wall. It's like a window to the history of the home.

Link is here.
There are some real nice photos of living room interiors there.

One other one:
This is a more truly contemporary living room. I really like the treatment of the fireplace wall area, as you knew I would. These specific walls in homes can become such horrible disasters, and this one has been well done.

Link is here.

Also on a separate but related note - I wish I lived in Houston, or could wiggle my nose and make this house appear in Salt Lake:

It's been listed a few times, and has also changed realtor hands once or twice. Asking price is in the low to mid $400K range. Here, that house would be almost twice that. More pictures here.

Interesting story about the architect there also. Worth a short read.


Loralee Choate said...

When we build, I really want exposed brick walls. I love them.

Bella said...

I really ADORE that house that Mr. Bang designed in Houston!

if only we hadn't just buil a home 2 years ago.

My taste in architecture has changed dramatically since then.

Thanks for posting.


Dijea said...

Trust me - you do not want to live in Houston - I promise. Pay and move the house. Check out this property my office has for sale. You might like it better.


LA said...

houston = overrated. at least i think it is after living there for 13 years and leaving for college with (hopefully) no intention of returning, other than to visit.

but. the houses are phenomenal, as are some of the apartments.

That One Guy said...

I've been told Houston is totally over-rated, just like their basketball team.


But that house is lovely. I just need to find the $23,000 per month for the mortgage, then I'm all set!