In the category of Things That Should Never Happen:

This just in:

John Daly (the hefty pro golfer who cares more about beer and well, beer... than golf), comes this video of him playing golf without a shirt. If you're unfamiliar, Mr. Daly is hardly the model athlete, with hardly what you would call the premium athlete's body.

I'll apologize in advance right now - and will back to more salient posts in a day or two.


for what it's worth said...

I can recall watching him many moons ago and rooting for him as the unlikely underdog. Now you'd have to cheer for the "wonderhog". uh, eeewwww

Becky..AMHW said...

That's better than watching Cinemax late at night. YUMMY.

OneHungMan said...

That poor dumb bastard. He is/was liked by so many, and he continues to do stupid shit like this.

OneHung has always been a big Daly fan, but his act is wearing thin.

Cameron said...


Good thing you apologized before posting the video.