Random crapola:

So, the golf has gotten harder to accomplish twice a week since the sun isn't coming up as early and is going down earlier in the day. Cooler weather doesn't help either. I felt like my game for the year peaked at the end of July or the first part of August, then I played about three very rotten games at courses I haven't played for many years. Then I sat on the bench for a couple of weeks, hoping it would pass like a bad burrito. We got back to it a bit when the weather got a bit better, with me firing an 83 - which is good for me, and we have a couple of rounds scheduled for this weekend, hoping for a good game and good weather.

Now that the fall TV shows have had a chance to show their writing and acting depth through three or four episodes, it's time to clear some of the season passes off the TIVO. One of them is Big Shots. While the premise of four country club/big business spoiled playboys has promise, and a good cast generally, with liberal hot chicks sprinkled about, the writing is unpolished, and the technical aspects seem to be lacking (like Michael Vartan's makeup), giving this show an air of being an "also-ran".

On the other side of the spectrum are a couple of shows called Chuck, and Reaper, both of which we find quite clever, with good solid writing. You should watch them.

In the category of eye candy, there is the Women's Murder Club. As you know, I am a fan of Her Royal Hotness, Angie Harmon. That's all the reason needed for me to be watching that show. Plot? Not sure. I think it's about murder and stuff. Whatever. SHHH... no talking, I'm LOOKING.

Ok, so on to some other things now. I used to be a graphic designer, and in one of my jobs as such, I was a packaging designer. Therefore, packaging, especially really well-executed packaging catches my eye, and garners my respect. Click on that picture of the billboard over there - what an awesome way to take advantage of a natural shadow to make the point. KUDOS there, that's for sure.

Watch a video of this billboard over here.

Next item: more design junk. This packaging is the most brilliant way to package a hearing aid I've ever imagined. Feel free to jump ahead and view the video below of the seemingly simple packaging in action... and then come back to finish reading. Basically for those who can't hear... how do you help them experience a sound before even getting to the hearing aid within? You show them a soundwave. In action. They have used the plastic sleeve around the box to create the illusion of an animated soundwave as you push the interior box out. Not to mention the simple black and white nature of the design is just classy. My only problem with this design? I can see it being far too fun to just slide the box in and out to watch the soundwave move, and thus it would take too long to get to the actual hearing aid. I love this. Design is by Copenhagen based design studio Goodmorning, for Widex "high definition hearing". video here.

Next: Fun with FLASH from a good old company we like to call "fridge porn" or SubZero.

Next: I REALLY need this clock. A lot.

The Antelope collection of washbasins by Alex Vitet is a smooth group of sexy Corian countertops that look too elegant to be sullied by toothpaste.

And FINALLY (yeah, you're really funny. shut up): ThatOneWife has been getting some grief at the office about what costume she is going to get for the office Halloween party. She asked for my suggestions. I doubt this will fly. And I doubt she'll ask for my input again.

I got that from The Absent Minded Housewife. She makes costumes. Many of them hilarious.


OneHungMan said...

You're going to lose "cool" points for dissing Big Shots. Any show with a hot chick like the one geek's mistress, a manwhore like Duncan Collinsworth (Dylan McDermott) and Titus all in the same show can't be bad.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

I can't take credit for that one though...I sell prefabs too if I find them to be of quality.

I sent one of these to Murray last month. Was that you? If so, photos please, heh.

That One Guy said...

Becky: It wasn't me, but I kinda wish it was...

Hung: yeah - that mistress chick is hothotHOTTT...

That One Guy said...

Becky: I also nearly spewed coffee when I saw the wet t-shirt winner one... that was hilarious.

Becky..Absent Minded Housewife said...

When I first started selling those boobies on Ebay four years ago my first auction got 80,000 hits. Then I had a friend from clear across the country email me because they were talking about my auction on a morning radio show. I wish I had a recording of that.

I'm out of both boobies and strippies.