It's RETRO day!! YAY!!

Okay, so HOLD the yay.

Anyway, enjoy these, and then read down for a little story:

So this brings up a question for you: now that you are generally a grown up, what do you remember about, and think of, your parents choices in design and decorating from when they were young, and you were even younger?

I ask this because, as I have matured and have allowed my tastes to develop and become a part of me, I can now think back on homes we used to live in, and while I don't know that there was an overall cohesive design philosophy that ran through the entire home, there were certainly elements that I remember, furniture pieces, art, etc, that now make me believe that my parents actually had, umm.... taste.

In particular, I remember a few pieces. I remember some molded plastic bits coming out of the 60's. We had what is regarded now as having been quite trendy, wallpaper with patterns made from velvet... There was a MARVELOUS dining set made from teak wood. It was a two-leaf table, 6 wonderful sleek mid-century mod chairs, and a buffet/hutch unit that I now regard as beautiful. In addition, there was a lovely master bedroom set made from teak as well: headboard, with black Naugahyde trim, 2 bedside tables attached, a tall dresser for him, and a low side-by-side for her. These would be extremely valuable now.

What I wouldn't give for these bits now. (Just do an eBay search for teak furniture now, and see what I mean.)

Then we entered the Heavy Oak Age.

And all was lost.

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for what it's worth said...

China cabinet is in my house....shall I "stick it on a bus"?