My own little conspiracy theory

I was told by ThatOneWife a few days ago that I'm "on your (my) architecture "thing" again"... I realize this may limit my traffic and appeal to some of you other readers, so in a hope to win some of you heathens back again, I give you -

Some randomness:

Is there more than one city (Washington) within the District of Columbia? I don't know this. And it bugs me that I don't know.

The oven stinks when you run the self-clean cycle.

Do Nielson Ratings count for TIVO'd shows? Or do they only count viewers' actual eyes during the actual broadcast of the actual show?

And similarly, if I read every single post on your blog, every day, through a news reader, do your hit stats show that, or what is the deal there? I read a bunch of blog entries every day, and wonder if I am giving you any stats whatsoever. I HAVE committed to write way more comments to let you know I am still reading you - so watch for that on your blog.

Soon, presidential politicians hoping for office will have to campaign on a very full time basis, starting right after the elections. It seems we've been doing this for a very long time now. I wonder if it's just because the entire country wants so badly to hope for something better than the fool we have endured for the last 6.5 years.

And the final random item for you this morning - I found this site a couple of days ago, and cried a little bit.

And then - here's a thing: As per usual around here, the roads are all torn up - I should look into investing in the company that makes the little orange barrels and cones - we're totally keeping them in business. But here's the REAL problem as I see it:

The road closures have been planned to limit my access to the State Liquor Stores. For those of you not familiar with the odd life we lead around here, the State Liquor Stores are the only place you buy, umm liquor. And that includes wine.

The Sugarhouse store's access (for me) is hampered by a stupid project on 33rd South, limiting access to one lane. The store on State and about 54th is limited by the ongoing idiocy that is southbound state street. And the Redwood Road store has been a fuster-cluck for several months now, because Redwood is torn up also. Do these people not realize that I pay for their children's school lunch program through liquor taxes? I'm telling you, the state's entire economy hangs in the balance of whether or not I can re-stock in time to keep your children from starving to death in the middle of the playground at recess tomorrow. Seriously. Luckily for me, I'm going to Wyoming today. I'm just sayin'.

But speaking of seriously, there have been a couple of things in the news sidebars recently that have made me want to puke on somebody. Ream's food store in Provo (home of BYU and if you ask any resident, the location where LDS church headquarters SHOULD have been all along) got rid of its watered down beer and cigarettes because the owner's daughter came home from a DARE program and asked her dad why he sells "drugs" in his store. Unable to think of anything INTELLIGENT to say (like, "honey, those things right there are LEGAL, and are not the things that the DARE guy meant when he said DRUGS, people have the right to buy them if they want"), he just removed them from the store's shelves. Now, I'm all in favor of a merchant being allowed to sell whatever he wants, but when it's veiled and steeped in a morass of morality, the action wreaks of Big Brother-ness and hypocrisy. Then over the weekend the Tribune's Rebecca Walsh wrote a good piece, reflecting exactly what I was thinking. Let's just go ahead and call a spade a spade.

And now just one other thing. My Sunday mornings usually consist of a leisurely stroll through the fat Sunday paper, and a couple of cups of coffee. Over the last week or two there has been an ongoing spat in the Letters to the Editor page about our bass-akwards liquor laws. Much of the time, I harrummph and wonder how it is that stupid people are allowed to breathe, let alone REPRODUCE. Then on Monday I got to the office and read a post on a blog I frequent on the same subject , and I thought it was a great encapsulation of my thoughts on the subject. That subject being the tendancy here in Utah for the moral majority to seek to legislate a particluar brand of morality upon the masses here. Go read that post, it's good.

And until next time, I'll be playing with my brand new iPod Touch... my birthday present from the the lovely Mrs. ThatOneGuy. (THANKS!!)


Bob said...

Washington *is* the only city in the District of Columbia.

I have no idea why the oven stinks when you run the self-clean cycle.

I don't think Neilsen rates TiVOed shows, but don't quote me on that. I know that TiVO (as in the trademarked company) does track that sort of thing.

Posts read in a feed reader do not show up in my stats.

Mitt Romney has been running for President since 2002. Possibly even longer.


That One Guy said...

thanks Bob.

Pretty sure Hillary's been running for at least that long.

What troubles me is that an incumbent has to run almost full time as well, taking serious time, energy, and focus away from the job at hand. which sucks.

The newsfeeder thing sucks too. Just know that I'm a reader. Look for more comments shortly. :)

Moi said...

Nielsen collects info by placing their boxes in your home, and then extrapolating their data to assume for the entire tv population.

If your tv has a nielsen box (and a tivo), and your tv is on, nielsen is recording that info for their ratings.

If you are recording a second show on another channel, that show is hosed. Only the main channel info gets tagged/counted/extrapolated.

Cameron said...

I'm officially announcing my candidacy for the school board vacancy in 2036.

Please send campaign donations now.