Ahhh, Fall.

3 things:

1. Nice to have some fall time - a nice long weekend enjoyed by us... 2 rounds of golf, etc.

2. We contributed to the Affleck Family Trust also, I'm sure. Let me explain - we saw "The Kingdom", starring Jennifer Garner (Ben's wife) on Saturday, then yesterday, we saw "Gone Baby Gone", starring Ben's younger brother Casey, and directed by Ben himself... It was pretty good - recommended. Nice twist. We got an hour into it, and things seemed to be wrapping up, and I thought to myself, geez, this is an episode of Law And Order... but then it got interesting.

3. Since it's fall time, and since the weather is turning cool, and since we have running water and fish in the back yard, etc... we have a certain amount of wildlife also. Some of them are of the rodent phylum. At this time of year, some of the said rodentia find their way into the warmer confines OF THE HOUSE.

This freaks out some of the house's occupants more than others, but in order to keep the peace, the little fellows must go. I stopped at the mega-store to get some traps the other day, and rounded up five of them. All told, there are six, and the last one is taking the "survival of the fittest" thing a bit far. At the peril of his very existence, he has licked the peanut butter off of three different traps, without having his neck snapped in one swell foop.. Crafty little bugger. I think I heard him giggle as he made his way back under the fridge. And belch.

I loaded up the traps again this morning, hoping for the law of averages to kick in. We'll see how that went when I get home tonight.


Anonymous said...

Freakin' little bastages have moved into the garage...I need to gas the lot. ( Oh wait, I am talking about the mice, not the children....promise)

Tall Gurl in Utah said...

Try the glue boards, they are horrible cuz the rodents flop all around and rip they're hair off. But they WORK!!

That One Guy said...

Gurl: I had two of those, but the dumb dog wanted to lick them. The Idiot.

Tall Gurl in Utah said...

this is terribly dumb and i hate it but.....you have been tagged!