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Spent a few minutes today looking at my blog traffic and how it gets to me... revealing. I like to think I might have something to say on a semi-regular basis that *some* people might care about.

But no. It seems I might just as well sit here and .. blink.

In any given month, about 30% of my traffic is new, first-time viewers. If you're one of them, I hope you check back again some time. I promise to do better. (whatever.)

Of those first time viewers, about 40% of them got here by searching the terms in the title of this post. Most of the rest of you who searched using the "other" terms are just plain SICK.

I wrote that post on Feb 20 2006, 13 months ago. There are now over 400 other posts here, and that is my most visited page. Go figure. It's the story of one of the two tattoos I have. I gave a complete history of the symbol, its meaning, links to other places to see other interpretations of it, etc. I believe that post is now one of the most exhaustive resources for that particular symbol on the innernets. I even had one person email me and ask for an actual picture of the finished tattoo, because he was considering getting one just like what I had described.

Here's that picture:

I had searched for some time for something that would express, for me, the sentiment I have about the thought "Amor Vincit Omnia". It means "love conquers all", in case you didn't get that.

I spent a lot of time looking for design ideas, and ways to do what I wanted. I spent some time with a pad and pencil as well. Everything I came up with on my own sucked. Having spent some time as a graphic designer, this was disheartening. There are days that I feel about as creative as a CPA convention.

Oh well.

But then I found the symbol, and I knew it said everything I wanted it to, in a graphical representation, which was what I was after anyway.

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for what it's worth said...

I still think the way you researched and designed your tattoo is so very true to who you are.
As an "Inked" junkie, I have seen just how personal something like that can be. I still maintain, I would do the African Nosoroma...because ( and especially these past few days) I exist only because God wants me to.