The Grammys - Case In Point

A while ago I complained that while ALL the artists nominated for Grammy awards greatly value the honor of being nominated, the actual awards show broadcast now leaves much to be desired, because it is taken over by nominees in categories that the producers think we want to see.

Like this:

Geez, honey, your mother must be proud. She's probably sitting at home right now, with a little tear in her eye between swigs of PBR, as she whisks the Cheetos dust from in between her boobs.

My dear, are you offering your ample booty as a shelf for others' grammy awards while they make a trip to the potty, or maybe you're offering yourself up for others to use that gramophone end of the award statue as a speculum?

And yes, dear reader, you SHOULD feel a little uneasy that I might know the proper use of that term.

Just sayin.


sarahbellum said...

That's funny. Coughing fit funny.

That One Guy said...

Why the hell aren't you at work, Bellum???


That One Guy said...

"Put your peaches back in TEH can, honey."