On My Hard Drive: Tower of Power

Tower of Power started out in the 70's in the East Bay area of northern California. They were principally a horn-based funk band. Over time, they got so good that they were contracted to play backup on recordings by MANY of the music industry's iconic figures.

They've shuffled members through, including vocalists, but have maintained the super-tight horn section sound that has made them famous over the years. Here they appear live playing one of their signature songs: What Is Hip. I saw them about 10 years ago in a little bar in New York City, where it was shoulder to shoulder standing room only, and LOUDER THAN HELL. I was AMAZED at the horn section. I had never heard anything so polished in a live setting. A couple of years ago they came to the Salt Lake City Jazz Festival here, and they were equally good. We packed up all the kiddies and took them to see it. To varying degrees of enjoyment. I was very fun though. The name says it all - it's a towering wall of huge sound, live, or recorded.

Check them out here

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