Lost in Yonkers

So, we went to see Lost In Yonkers last night at the PTC. Can I just say here that it is really nice to have an "equity" house here in Utah? This is about the only one around here that draws actors from the east coast, and we end up with really great talent. We saw Othello a few weeks ago, and that was EXCELLENT as well.

Anyway, it was a great production and was well worth the time. However, the next time we do the season tickets, we need to ask for weekend nights, as opposed to during the week. When you go during the week, you sit among the folks from the local old folks' homes. They hit the local buffet at four in the afternoon, and get to the theater, adjusting hearing aids, etc. until the show starts. There's lots of talk around you while you wait for the curtain, and you would think it would stop when the lights go out. But it doesn't happen - the talking just goes on, as if they are sitting in their public lounge watching Jeopardy or something. For the first 20 minutes the old lady beside me was complaining in full voice to Bill that she couldn't "see a damn thing."

Elsewhere, you can hear lots of other folks say stuff like, "what did he say?"

No "soft-voice" either... full on buffet voice. Maybe the blue hair dye shorts out all ability to be considerate to others, I dunno.

And the old-man-farts. Puh-lease. Make. It. Stop.

On another note, after we got home, sent the dogs out to pee, etc... getting ready to call it a day, this was the conversation:

I walk into the room, and say, "hmmm, it smells like almonds in here..."

She says, "yeah, it's the lotion I rub on my scratchy cuticles at night."

I do a double-take, and say nothing.

She says, "What? I do that."

I say, "I THOUGHT you said you rub it on your scratchy nipples at night"

Blank stare, then she says, "You're a moron."

I say, "yes I am."

Then I say, "Well, you know how you read really fast and just read "word shapes?""

She says, "yes."

Then I say, "well, sometimes I just LISTEN to word shapes, and get some of them wrong."

She says, "You're still a moron."

I say, "I know."


for what it's worth said...

You're a moron with wistful thinking... Or lustful thinking..Or wishful thinking...or just no thinking at all.

Lori said...

Oh my gosh! You had me laughing out loud! Both about the old man farts and the nipples...hehe! What a combo!