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As regular readers here are aware (yes, both of you), I am bullish on the Netflix. I really like it as a 24 month investment, and more importantly, I really like the service.

We've been netflixers for about 24 months now. Maybe longer. A little more than a year ago, there was a class-action suit filed that claimed their advertising was misleading. The early marketing claimed that you could get as many movies as you want, a certain number at a time, "shipped to you the next day."

The suit claimed that their service was in fact NOT next day, because their distribution was not very mature, and often your movies came from some far-away place, making your return on investment (the customer "happy-dance"), a little hard to come by.

As a result of the suit, the company was spurred to dramatically increase the investment in distribution. Luckily, we got a fairly large distribution center here in Salt Lake, and we've been pretty darn happy with the service overall.

A couple of weeks ago, though, we were fretting the fact that we were waiting a long time for the next set of movies (actually, in this case, TV series discs). The site said they were shipped, but they were about three days longer than it typically takes to get to our house.

When the two items in question finally arrived, we noticed that one was from, of all places, Ankorage, Alaska, and the other was from Honolulu, Hawaii. We had a pretty good laugh at that, given the fact that the printed stuff on the return envelope states:

TO: Nearest Netflix Shipping Facility,
Ankorage, AK

We wondered if the entire US&A had been eliminated overnite, without our knowing about it.

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