Dear Black Friday Shoppers

Dear Black Friday shoppers,

Instead of heading out the door at 5 AM Friday to give millions of dollars to companies who thoughtlessly bear down on the American worker and their families, why don't you take a moment and educate yourself and take a stand.

What is the season about anyway? To making sure to get absolutely everything you could possibly want? About beating the next guy in line? Send a message to Black Friday retailers and let them know you are a thinking person, and not a sheep. There is a reason that DVD player only costs you $66. Ask yourself why that is.

If you are one of those who goes to stand in line somewhere, then races with elbows flying to the shelves as soon as the doors open, even running ahead of those who were in line before you, well, you should be embarrassed for yourself.

Just sayin.

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Lord Geving said...

This disgusting display of conspicious consumption and over-indulgence became abundantly evident when I arose this morning at 1am in order to provide on time delivery of the special (5 lb) Thanksgiving newspaper "chock full of super bargains to kick off your holiday shopping the right way", ...I think America needs to be humbled and it aint gonna be pretty.