And speaking of the US&A...

We saw the Borat over the weekend.

I'm still not sure what to say here about it though.

I do know I saw some things I probably wouldn't have chosen to see though. Like a buck-naked 380-pound man running full-tilt through a packed hotel conference center.

Among other things.

And from the other side: www.stopborat.com

Thank you for your interest. We hope you are not part of Borat conspiracy against Kazakhstan. We will not become a William Hung for the international community!


One. We demand personal apology from Queen Elizabeth II for the humiliation upon our nation caused by British funnyman Sacha Baron Coen. Furthermore, Prince Charles and Camilla must pay an official visit to Kazakhstan. Camilla is much popular with Kazakh people. What Princess Diana was to the West, and Marylin Monroe is to Uzbekistan, princess Camilla is to Kazakhstan - and more. Kazakh men put up her colour pinups in truck and tractor, and Kazakh women go for Camilla look. You will see Camilla photo in many a yurta.

Second: We want to know secret of Camilla's beauty.

Three: We are willing to negotiate peace with Neville Chamberlain

Kazakhstanis Against Borat

P.S. We have nice daughter, you are maybe single westerner with much financial goods


Anonymous said...

Even though you aren't sure what to say about the movie, I will let everyone know that there were more than a few laugh out loud funny moments when the both of us were laughing right along with the rest of the audience.

Now what does that say about us?


That One Guy said...

Funny side-story: I took one of the young-uns to get some wrestling (rasslin') shoes last night and I axed him if we should stop and get a Borat Singlet.

He just looked at me.

for what it's worth said...

I would pay the cost of airfare to see one of the lads in that....hee hee hee