Don't be an ASSHOLE

Sorry. But really, don't. Life is too short. This is a new book - looks interesting.

The easiest way to identify one:

It’s called the Starbucks Test. It goes like this: If you hear someone at Starbucks order a “decaf grande half-soy, half-low fat, iced vanilla, double-shot, gingerbread cappuccino, extra dry, light ice, with one Sweet-n’-Low and one NutraSweet,” you’re in the presence of an asshole. It’s unlikely that this petty combination is necessary—the person ordering is trying to flex her power because she’s an asshole.

I'm just sayin'.

Other than that, the top ten (plus two bonus) ways to identify a work-place asshole:

  1. Personal insults

  2. Invading one’s personal territory

  3. Uninvited personal contact

  4. Threats and intimidation, both verbal and non-verbal

  5. Sarcastic jokes and teasing used as insult delivery systems

  6. Withering email flames

  7. Status slaps intended to humiliate their victims

  8. Public shaming or status degradation rituals

  9. Rude interruptions

  10. Two-faced attacks

  11. Dirty looks

  12. Treating people as if they are invisible


That One Guy said...

and incidentally, if I was working at Starbucks, and somebody ordered that from me, it would come with a dash of a bonus ingredient, called SPIT.

Reach Upward said...

My 8th grader came home miffed the other day because a 9th grade guy on his National Academic League team continually puts him down simply because he's a grade lower. He then mentioned some other behavior patterns of the kid (several of which appear on your list). He said, "I didn't do anything to him; I just tried to be a friend." I explained to my son that some people are just ... well, I used a more politically correct term, but you get the idea.

for what it's worth said...

I think I was behind a woman like that the other day...when all I wanted was a hot white chocolate. It took forever to get her order and thus pushed my schedule to it's limit too.
And intimidation...Son has 3 sphincters in his grade that have been intimidating and harrassing him. They even broke into his locker to leave threatening messages on his message board.
I am thinking it's time to send in a proctologist to clean up these arseholes....namely a certain person I know to do a little intimidating of his own...since that is the language and behaviour they understand.

Some people's kids.....they're just quite simply, asses.