The Determined Emptiness of Mind...

No, that's not how I feel, it's a quote from the theater production of Pride And Prejudice we saw last night. Yes, I went and got some "culturization" at the theater.

For most of the night, there were five people on stage. This is a picture of what I saw:

Actually, the bucket-head in front of me left at intermission - I guess his GIANT HEAD absorbed more culture in less time than the rest of us, and he decided he was cultured enough for one night. Lucky for me.

And, before you need to say it - I KNOW I have awesome paint skillzz. Eat your heart out, Kurt.


for what it's worth said...

I have been to many a concert or cultural event with a big old bucket head in front of me. Frustrating as heck huh?

Kurt Hal said...

HA!!! At first I thought black aliens were eating stick men for lunch. Keep up the good work and you'll be making the big bucks like me. ;)