Write your own caption contest

This story made the news last week, and I only caught half of it... But here it is:

Somebody posted a Picture of Kim Jong Il, and asked for people to write their own captions for it. The winner? read on...

The Winning Caption: Greetings Earthlings

My Entry: "I thought you said the Brazilian wax was FUN!!!? My butt feels like I slid down a sandpaper bannister!!!"

Other entries:
>>>And suddenly the dictator morphed into a constipated infant...
>>>Asia's most dangerous Muppet reacts as Frank Oz begins his work day.
I know I can force out some facial hair...
>>>"I'm rone-rySo rone-ry..."
>>>Dude this kim chee tastes rancid. I'm going to kill that chef!
>>>Today genetic engineers in North Korea announced that they have successfully crossed the ancient decorative carp with Don King. The new hybrid species has shown the ability to breath air through its gills and seems to have a penchant for promoting fights.
>>>Kim Jong-il: See if you can guess what I am now.
[blows mouthful of whipped potatoes onto a crowd of onlookers]
Kim Jong-il: I'm a zit. Get it?
Kim Jong-il: (to aide) They're not laughing. Kill them all!
>>>I'm going to hold my breath until the rest of the world lets me have nuclear weapons.
>>>Quick, the collagen injector! My lips are melting, melting, melt....
>>>Dang, Margaret Cho has freekin' AGED!!
>>>Oooooooooh, ISN'T that just speschul!
Could it be Satan?
(thanx to Church Lady!)
>>>Not getting rid of his nuclear warheads was not the only demand of G.W.'s Kim Jong-il wouldn't swallow.
>>>"Well the look I'm most famous for is Blue Steel..."
>>>Remember the first time YOU tried an Altoids?
>>>With the platform shoes and big hair getting more laughs than respect, Kim pulls out the stops with his very frightening pufferfish impression.
>>>Crazy as a rat in a coffee can.
>>>"Ah, Great Leader, you have a very healthy prostate."
>>>Digitally enhanced satellite imagery provides analysts at the CIA with the first up-close glimpse of Kim Jong-Ils top secret booger factory.
>>>OOOH This one is cherry flavour!
>>>Hail Eris!
>>>"Stop! Don't come any closer!! I'll-I'll SCREAM!!! Oh, somebody help me." Kim Jong-il was positively mortified when he learned that the android-run-amok was in fact merely Laura Bush leaning in for a kiss.

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