Looking for a few Good Loan Officers

Since I'm the owner of this little spot, I suppose I can post whatever I want. Therefore:

Wanted: Loan Officers and Loan Processors

We are a mortgage office looking to expand into two other offices, and need help. We want you if you are a self-starter, customer oriented, ready to close at least 5-10 loans per month, and like to have fun. We have dozens of investors, a PLM, and clients to support - more loans than we can handle. Eventually you will have loans from our builders dropped on your desk like dead cats, but you will have to prove yourself worthy first. If you have a demonstrable track record, can talk to people and sound intelligent, sell money, and make friends with your customers, but remain emotionally unattached, we want to talk to you.

If you are a first-timer, freeloader, bum looking for a handout, or someone who used to sell cars, don’t bother us, but if you are a professional money-seller with a PROVEN track record and an active license, send a resume to us now. References will be checked.

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