Panama Canal

A man, a plan, a canal: Panama.

Did you know that phrase is exactly the same when it's turned backwards?


In other news, Matthew Broderick turned 44 yesterday. I think all people who are almost exactly my age, but who are much more talented than me, and who make more money when they take a year off than I make in a lifetime, should be flogged. You hear me, Harry Connick, Jr.???

And from the Gee-Whiz file: How long does Bush let this "war" thing go along before he admits that there is NO BENEFIT to us occupying Iraq, and in fact, the longer we are there, the faster the country gradually descends into a full blown civil war. We had no business being there. Afghanistan, maybe, but not Iraq, and not like this. This has the potential to impact this country much more than Vietnam did... the economic consequences are more devastating for sure, given that fact that we are much more of a world economy, and, being at the top of that economy, it wouldn't take much to push us off the hill and let us slide down to economic disaster. Not to mention the human toll. Again.

All those poor Vietnam Vets who are messed up in the head for one reason or another are sitting in their barcaloungers screaming at the television. Talk about deja vu.

And finally, Governor Hunstman did the right thing and vetoed the HB148-Parent and Child rights amendments... Good for him. In this bigoted and backward state, where the legislators clamor to be first in line to propose some new anti-gay law, at least the governor seems to appreciate the fact that poorly conceived legislation impacts all sorts of people against whom they never meant to discriminate. "We only meant to discriminate against THE GAYS."

Really, how do these people get elected and stay there? Talk about the lowest common denominator.

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