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I wrote a couple of days ago regarding the proposed sale of a lesser known F.L. Wright house in Utah that is listed for sale. I was searching for a couple of images I could put up here with the post, and I ended up trying to research the history of the home. Although it is a valid FLW house (there are many imitations out there claiming to be original, thereby justifying an inflated purchase price), it is only listed on a few of the FLW sites out there... I've had a hard time finding a decent couple of images. Although the most recent issue of Architectural Digest shows a couple of interior images that I was unable to find elsewhere. So, fine, I was going to wait until the images post on the AD web site next month - if they indeed do that.

Then, I was watching 24 last night - the 2 hour episode, and there were several scenes shot at the "presidential retreat" house. I had noticed the design of the house earlier in several of the episodes, but hadn't really thought much about it. I noted to myself that the house was very "mid-century modern" in style, and that was that. Then last night I saw an evening exterior scene, and it hit me that I had for sure seen this house, and I thought it might be one of the FLW houses in the Los Angeles area. There was a shot of an exterior with a narrow curved pool, and I knew I had seen it before. Anyway, I got it totally STUCK in my head. Val said that she bet it was a set and not a real house. So I started searching. I found this out:

The house on the TV show is in fact a set piece. However, the set decorator used the designs of John Lautner as inspiriation for the home's design. John Lautner worked with FLW for six years before going out on his own. The home's particular design was inspired by several homes in Lautner's protfolio. He was quite prolific during his long career. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures of the home that got me thinking about all this in the first place:

More info is here, if you want it:

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