The Stromquist House


Here are the images I have found for the Stromquist House, by Frank Lloyd Wright. I have been

trying to find something worth posting here for a few days now - which would have been easy if I had enough brains to do a google search on the "stromquist house" name.

This is the house that is for sale in Utah right now. Asking price is 4 million, which, upon
investigation seemed high to me. Then, when you consider that it is a small distance up a canyon in one of the more affluent areas of Utah, and that it is situated on 10 acres of land, well, 4 Million seems about right.

Here are the best images:

I mentioned this house a few posts ago, here:


Incidentally, there is a FLW house for sale in Arizona right now that is STUNNING. $3 Million completely furnished. Take a look at it here:


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