Coincidence? I think not.

At 5:30 this morning, I had this post all figured out. Now it seems a long way off in the distant foggy past.

Being Friday, it's a mish-mash of all things Random:

First off, today is Pi Day (π Day) . It's March 14th. Get it? 3/14 or 3.14.

Come on, you know you want to celebrate by doing some beer-pong partying with that guy right there.

It also happens to be Einstein's birthday. It appears he was more of an egotist than a scientist, and he came up with the whole π concept simply to commemorate his own birthday. Bastard. Bastard for making me learn all that Mathematical Constant crap in Junior High. Wanker. With bad hair.

On to the next random thought: Similar to my recent bender of "Phancy A Phyreplace", here is a cool range hood for you:

Buy It Here

Next thing that barely makes sense:
I was getting my hairs coiffed last night, and I often wonder why I go to a Salon, and have an Official Stylist do it. I mean really, I have so few hairs as it is... the cost per hair is HIGH.

Really. Take a look at my newly truncated locks:

Hardly seems worth it, does it? And yes, I have talented, independently controlled eyebrows. Call me The Rock - but not really. Be jealous anyway.

Anyway, part of my consternation is the 12 minute shampoo, condition, scalp massage, and ear-bleeding diatribe while under her immediate control. This diatribe typically exposes the painful yet simple fact that she is decidedly young and very naive. She has many of life's lessons yet to learn. Part of the subsequent conversation came around to her weakness, otherwise known as Teh Chocolate. Whatever. She then asked me what MY weakness was... I have to say I was a bit taken aback. I guess I don't think of things in that way, but after a moment, I answered that it was probably fast food. She looked perplexed. "As in, hamburgers," I explained. Then she got this look on her face, sheer terror, and said, "Oh my heck, you don't eat The Baconater, do you?" I said no - "more like the Jr Cheeseburger Deluxe. That's about my max." She said that wasn't much of a weakness. But it is. I LIKEY THEM.

Speaking of which - my kids will tell you that there are NO hamburgers better than the ones I make myself for them. One of them says I should open a burger joint.

Which brings up the next item. Remember that thing I called a diet? Yeah, that one. Here is an update. I wrote that I had lost 20 pounds by the middle of November. Well, with the holidays dropped in there, etc, I've only lost another five pounds, bringing me to a total of 25 pounds dumped since September. I am totally embarrassed to note that I started the diet weighing (ahem) 246.8. Not cool, is what that translates to. Pudgy, in fact. Thick.

Anyway, I feel like I am plateaued at just barely over 220. I am motivated to break below that 220 mark. It's been a VERY long time since I've seen the scale numbers began with a 21. I hope to do that this next week. In order for that to happen, the gym is going to be the answer. Now that it's light later in the day, I feel like spring is on its way, even if it is STILL snowing buckets in the mountains around here, and that motivates me to get back to the gym and do some real work. And maybe a couple less d'ambeurgeurs....

Rest assured, you'll know about it when I go below the 220 number. Next week.


Anonymous said...

Our grade 5's celebrated pi(e) day today.
I think between the burgers and the beer can chicken, you'd do alright for an eatery. Could you send me an "e" with what spice I need to rub the chicken in before I stuff a Heinekin up it's arse???

Reach Upward said...

You going to play lacrosse this season for fitness?

OneHungMan said...

Props for the weight loss. Half the people on OHM's blog are doing some sort of fitness routine and always updating or bitching about their progress, so welcome to the club.

Why is it that when people refer to a full head of many, many, many hairs, they say "hair" in the singular but when they talk about a few number of remaining hairs, the say "hairs" in the plural?

Isn't the plural supposed to indicate more?